Gukie (north stage)

Monday November 30 2015

Railway North stage: Gukie

Doors: 9:00 pm. $5

Gukie is a one man band, One of the gifted. An Original Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Recording & Performing Artist and Label Owner. 

"Through my worst, I can still say I'm blessed". Gukie, Originally born and raised in Nigeria is currently a student at Nimbus, studying Advanced Engineering In Music. From city to city, after all said and done, it always comes back to the music. Highly motivated and dedicated to his music, only time would truly tell what Gukie has to offer.

 "So Far so Good”, His recently released mixtape, is something he wishes someone could've personally told him during his worst times in life during 2013 ending till early this year, 2015. It’s basically a pick up from where he left things off in his last released project, "On The Go”. (soundcloud.com/mrgukie/sets/on-the-go-mixtape-by-gukie-1)

Old-School Future sounds, A mix of rap vocals with some EDM Sounds; "I'm focused on House-Rap”.

Inspired from the 80s, 90s and new era vibes, He writes his music based on his true life experiences as he continues to be On The Go. These are experiences enjoyed with some great people, moments suffered through time, alone and with some people but in the process becomes a stronger being.

"I've learnt that nothing beats the experiencing part of life when growing up, if you just accept it. Good or bad, as long as you stay true to something you love in your heart, life would always be good for you. You just keep seeking with good intentions. No matter what happens in the future, Trust is a very dangerous tool, wisdom is earned through experiences and independence is the best way to build”.



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